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The Abstract Spiral Series

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The Abstract Spiral Series

Here is the official description for the Abstract Spiral Painting Series: The Abstract Spiral series is hand drawn in pen and ink. Tinted with colored pencils. Finished with layers of acrylic glaze. Final effect: interesting detail, textural depth, and rich, luminous color. The Abstract Spiral series adds warm earth tones, texture and whimsy to both traditional and modern spaces. Elegant wall art groupings, striking throw pillows or sophisticated duvet covers for your superior interiors. Mixed Media Paintings by Amy E. Fraser. All images copyright Amy E. Fraser. All rights reserved.
However, today I want to talk about what the Abstract Spiral paintings actually mean to me. Whenever I see this series I smile, they ignite a flood of happy memories because they remind me of some very special people. When our little family first moved to Plainfield we reconnected with some old friends from high school. We ran into them at the grocery store one day, it had been years since we had seen them. I am generally skittish about other humans, so no matter how kind they are, I was undoubtedly awkward and standoffish. We had our son Caden, probably not yet two at the time, and they had their youngest son Killian with them. As I stood there kicking imaginary dirt on the floor and nervously picking imaginary lint off my baby’s jacket, Killian, not quite three, gets my attention. He looks at me with his great big blue eyes and that great big smile and says Hi. I said Hi. He said, I love you, and that broke all the awkward tension for me, because my only reply could have been I love you too. Somehow that moment told me everything I needed to know about the McKim’s; who they had grown up to be, and it was suddenly safe to let them in.
Some background, my husband Jody and I have known each other since I was in junior high, and we have known Christine and Corey almost as long. I graduated high school two years behind them and then left for New York City and had been out of their lives for almost a decade. But when we saw them again, it was like no time had passed. There is a short hand, a familiarity that comes about when people have been friends since their teen years, part of the relationship will always remain on the immature side because the pretense of acting like sophisticated adults is soon disregarded.
However, while I was away, they were busy growing up into amazing adults and raising a family. They became strong community members and patrons of the arts. Christine who had always been artistic in high school had become a professional photographer, interior designer and a design consultant. Corey was a successful business owner and a celebrated sports coach. And unlike most “old friends” from town, they were both genuinely interested in art, they had real thoughts and offered intelligent conversations. It was amazing! Not only that, they were so SUPPORTIVE of all of my artistic endeavors, buying my paintings and hosting my Exalted Beauty Medallion parties, and casually promoting me to people without ever receiving a single thing in return.
This is where I bring up the Abstract Spiral paintings; Christine loved them and brought them to her family’s high end furniture showroom to place them on permanent exhibit. I would never have thought of that as an alternate exhibition space but Christine was always thinking outside of the box. They looked incredible with a wide array of furniture arrangements; things I would not have considered putting together myself, she has such an instinct for these things. So while I never thought I’d be an artist that made art to match the furniture. I did just that, and they look fabulous, according to Christine. So based on the highly regarded opinion of a popular interior designer, I can strongly recommend the Abstract Spiral series for your interiors.
Now that you have a little background and know what these paintings remind me of, maybe they will remind you of the McKim’s too? Christine, like the Abstract Spiral paintings, could easily be described as warm, earthy and whimsical. Every painting tells a story, and while this is not a series of paintings of the McKim’s specifically, they are a visual trigger for me of this fun and charismatic family. I think of all the memories, all the laughs, and the stories! Most of which are too R rated to share here, because of course we are all respectable adults who do not behave in such ways… now. I would love for the Abstract Spiral paintings to affect you the way they do me; with happiness, invoking the Christine essence; that beautiful smile, those sparkling cat eyes, her quirky sense of humor and that sexy naughty laugh she’s so famous for.
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