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The Floravased Paintings

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The Floravased Paintings

Today I am introducing my brand new floral painting series entitled Floravased!
The Floravased (Flowers in Vases) painting series are fabulous fun floral arrangements displayed in a variety of vibrant vessels. They embody the tradition of floral still life paintings but with a folksy, fresh vision. These paintings exude cheerful sophistication and stylish whimsy in a contemporary classic color palette. The Floravased collection is modern floral elegance with a dash of vintage mystique.
The Floravased paintings began as pen and ink sketches that evolved into colored pencil drawings, which were then carefully sealed in acrylic medium and then painted with layers upon layers of chalky matte acrylic washes on cold pressed 140 pound archival watercolor paper. This technique is something I’ve been developing for some time and results in interesting stain effects and textures that bring depth and richness to these bright and colorful flower paintings.
Still life paintings depict mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects such as food and flowers. Still life painting emerged as a distinct genre and professional specialization in Western painting by the late 16th century, and has remained significant since then. One advantage of the still life art form is that it allows an artist freedom to experiment with the arrangement of elements within a composition of a painting. Still life, as a particular genre, began with Netherlandish painting of the 16th and 17th centuries, and the English term still life derives from the Dutch word stilleven.
I remember working on still life paintings throughout high school and College. We all used to moan and groan to the art professors when we couldn’t have live models. This was largely due to art school snobbery; still life art carries the unfortunate stigma of occupying the lowest rung of the hierarchy of art genres. This spoiled brat reaction was of course ridiculous; still life studies are an extremely underrated learning tool. Not only are still life paintings an excellent way to keep your skills in check and explore new techniques but to this day they remain the most popular works purchased by buyers. Artists often forget that they need to make money in order to keep making more art.
Lucky for me, I am extremely passionate about flowers! And true to popular belief, they too have been my biggest sellers. And lucky for you, in addition to this brand new series of flowers in vases still lives, I also have numerous variations of more floral fabulousness available for your print on demand pleasure. Your choices of Fraser Florals are practically limitless! Here is a list of Amy E. Fraser Flower Art Galleries:
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Yeah, I know what you are thinking about the Floravased painting series title. I was super excited when I came up with it and then was mildly disappointed when I discovered the word already existed. But I loved it and my similarly titled works couldn’t be in better company right? The original Floravase artwork is a gorgeous baroque garden sculpture in the palace garden at Fulda. It is considered one of the most important garden sculptures in Europe and is located on the landing of the large orangery staircase in the castle garden. It symbolizes the flower goddess Flora on a vase, decorated with flower tendrils and surrounded by angel figures. In her raised hand she holds a golden lily, the symbol of Adolf von Dalberg, Prince of Fulda. Flora is the Roman goddess of the flowering of plants.
Okay, well, that’s all I have for today’s Floravased blog post. Have a fabulous flower filled day! Happy shopping!
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