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United Way Poster Winner

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United Way Poster Winner

In my recent post “Young Art Entrepreneur” I discussed how I officially started my first art business at 17 years old, however, what I didn’t mention was that I had already had a long and illustrious career as a famed local artist. Well, perhaps I alluded to that in my “Artist Biography 2010” and maybe also when I shared the award winning Bear With Me Logo from Kindergarten in “Artist Biography Advice”… Did I also mention that Artist’s often have large Egos and an over inflated sense of Self Importance? Yeah, that sort of thing happens to geniuses, it’s rough. Anyway, some Egomaniacs manage positive impact with their art, as was the case with my First Place United Way Poster from 1986 (age 13). Here is a look at it from a newspaper I found while touring memory lane with my son this past Thanksgiving break.

It looks like I had very strong opinions about eighty’s excess and shared this through (hopefully good humored) sarcasm. The question that appears on the top of the poster is “Is this you?” The poster then illustrates a wide variety of vain and opulent characters drowning in loads of money and proceeds to ask “Don’t you think you could give us a – (hand)“ word ending next to the United Way Hand. So perhaps not expertly executed, but well intended. This is one of my early thought provoking concept pieces meant to cause shock, discomfort and get a reaction. It was the beginning of Amy E. Fraser’s Awareness Art as my friend Laurel so cleverly labeled it. This was art for a cause, art with meaning and intent, art meant to make a difference… because art can be a powerful tool for healing and change if used wisely.

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Granite United Way is a nonprofit organization that makes strategic investments in our community that help others Learn, Earn and Be Healthy. Our impact covers more than 80% of New Hampshire and Windsor County, Vermont.

Granite United Way has the expertise, trust, and scope to bring together stakeholders like local nonprofits, government, businesses, private foundations, and volunteers with the common goal of delivering total community impact.

Granite United Way believes that every one of us has the power to be a change agent. We are committed to removing barriers and creating opportunities for people to make a positive impact in our community. We are more than a fundraiser, we are partners in change, working with a broad range of people and organizations to identify and resolve pressing community issues.

Granite United Way's commitment to transparency and efficiency has been recognized at the national level and of the highest accolade, by both Charity Navigator and GuideStar, organizations that ensure charities are held to standards of excellence.

We work closely with volunteer leadership to invest donor dollars to help our community Learn, Earn and Be Healthy. By focusing on these investment initiatives, we are helping people in new and strategic ways. Great things happen when we Live United.

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