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Winter Botanicals

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Winter Botanicals

There is something magically atmospheric, almost sacred about the freezing cold days of winter. Those days where it is so cold that the forest is dead silent; not a single creature dares to move in the bitter air, air so harsh it steals the songs from the birds. The only sound is the pounding of the heart and the crunch of each step. Every breath is captured by the Winter Queen, she jealously wicks moisture from the heavy snows, destroying dreams of building snow women, turning joyous potential to useless grainy sugar. Within moments, cold chills every inch of the body, the one piece of exposed flesh becomes numb, eyes sting. More than ready to turn back on this piercing arctic journey, wondering what possessed you to embark on this glacial expedition in the first place. Then it happens, a precious fairy tale moment where the sun shines her distant cold yellow light in the hushed silence. The world sparkles and you become witness to an unlikely beauty peeking through the snow in the frozen wildflower meadow. Dry, brown, and brittle as they may seem, they are a glimpse of life to come, proudly announcing their power and potential. They are the vessels, the glorious keepers of the magic that patiently waits as winter yields to spring. These mighty beings hold the seeds to bring forth the rising of plants and flowers. They are there to welcome back the sun and all of the birds and woodland creatures. These Winter Botanicals, elegant in their humble beauty, remind us all that even in our darkest, coldest hours, light and hope are about to bloom.
The Winter Botanicals are part of the Woodland Wildflower Meadow Photographs by Amy E. Fraser. Images captured in the woodland wildflower meadow surrounding Amy E. Fraser’s home in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. All images copyright Amy E. Fraser. All rights reserved.